The Power Of Images In Online Marketing

The world of marketing has changed significantly since the Internet has become a household tool. People of all ages and all backgrounds are heading online to find the information they need. They’re also not just heading online using traditional computers and laptops, but are taking advantage of various other electronic devices like Smartphone’s and computer pads.

This is important to consider when creating your internet marketing campaign. You need to make sure that all your online marketing can easily be viewed on various platforms. If your page is going to take too long to load, or if its’ too difficult to navigate, your target consumer is going to leave your site for someone who is able to more effectively provide them with what they want.

Not only are we functioning in a more digital age, we’re also functioning in a more visual age. People want instant gratification and that instant gratification isn’t always produced by reading pages of texts. That’s where the strategic use of images can have a positive impact on peaking the interest of your target consumer and keeping that target consumers interest.

Depending on which study you read, the number of people who consider themselves visual learns can be close to 90 percent. This means that for them to be interested in learning more about a product or in finding out what a company can offer them; they prefer to do so by viewing an image instead of a text. It’s important to keep this in mind when you’re creating targeted social media marketing. If your Internet marketing campaign is able to provide interesting visuals that upload quickly, you’ll have an edge over the competition who focuses on pages of straight text.

Limited Attentions Spans and Online Pictures

We live in a time where people don’t sit and read as much as they may have in the past. Everything is about instant gratification and all events need to happen immediately, now, or in the very near future. The average consumer is also being constantly bombarded by information. There is so much content, especially online, that is begging for a surfer’s attention that the average online content user has the option to be very selective in what they choose to read or view. Most people skim content looking for whatever information piques their interest the most. They’ll only extract what they want to read.

Many online users will use pictures as a way to find out if the accompanying text is actually based on something they’d want to read. Pictures break up winding text. One of the biggest turn-offs for a casual online reader who’s not looking to read a dissertation online is a long-winded text-heavy post. Whether the individual has the time or not to read all the text, most will not have the inclination to do so.

One of the biggest motivating forces to keep a reader on your page is to incorporate images. The images need to be incorporated in a natural way. Randomly sticking an unrelated picture into your text won’t do you much good, even if the image is interesting. This is a poor internet marketing technique that will anger and alienate your reader.