Freelance Copywriting – Is This a Viable Career Option?

Copywriting is a hot issue in the online workforce. More and more businesses are looking for people who can provide good quality online content for their brand of products or services. But the supply for such kind of online copies is limited and can be quite expensive. This makes a promising career for those aspiring to become a successful freelance writer.

Who is a copywriter?

He is a person who writes original content for certain businesses. His goal is to promote the company’s brand of product or service. He aims to make his content as persuasive as possible so that people may buy such product or service from the company.

What is a copy?

It is a written material used for promoting a company’s brand of products or services. It is conveyed in several different media. Traditional copies are distributed either through print or broadcast media. But there has also been a rising demand for online copies in the worldwide web.

What are the different types of copies?

We can actually group these types of copies into three different categories according to the medium used for its distribution. Listed below are just a few examples:

A. Print Media

  • white papers
  • catalogs
  • billboards
  • brochures
  • postcards
  • magazines
  • sales letters
  • flap and jacket flap copy (book publishing)
  • back cover copy (book publishing)
  • direct mail

B. Broadcast Media

  • radio and television commercials scripts
  • taglines
  • jingle lyrics
  • press releases

C. Online Media

  • social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • blog post
  • web pages
  • online videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)

Who employs a copywriter?

The advertising department is responsible for hiring this professional. Some businesses, however, don’t have their own advertising department. Instead, they outsource the task to an advertising agency.

Before the Internet age, copywriting was just like any other business function in a regular brick-and-mortar firm but the online media changed the face of this profession. It extended its range of opportunities to the online community. Many freelance writers are vying for these types of jobs.

Online copywriting is a great advantage to freelance writers because they can easily find the sources for their content online. Employers also find it convenient to communicate with them. They can work at their own pace at the comfort of their own homes. They can also find plenty of online resources that can help them to improve their skill and develop their craft. That is why it is a viable option for freelance writers.